Fisher 11 Camera Dolly

Lightweight and compact, the Fisher 11 is built with the same high quality standards found in all J.L. Fisher products. It operates effortlessly on straight or curved track, offers three-way steering and a solid lift beam givign operators a wide variety of options.

The reliable, quiet, smooth and safe Fisher 11 have been engineered to meet the demanding production needs of the motion picture, television and video industries.

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Main features of the Fisher 11:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Three easily shifted steering modes (crab, conventional and round)
  • Tight turning radius
  • Mechanically compensated steering for accuracy
  • Self-dampening hydraulic system
  • Charging system accepts 90-240V AC or DC to charge the hydraulic system quickly
  • Self-centering hydraulic control knob or up / down lever with safety lock
  • Lift beam position (cue) indicator
  • Folding controls for transportation and storage
  • Comfortable sliding seats with adjustable height
  • Pneumatic wheels grips
  • Single-lever actuated four-wheel positive locking brake system
  • Multi-position level head with Mitchell mount and four leveling thumb screws
  • Camera battery compartment
  • Cable clips on lift beam for camera and battery cables

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