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  • Foxy Crane

    This foxy crane  offers 8 standard variants as well as many special variants. Adjust your Foxy crane to your needs.From 2.7m up to 8.5m length you will find something for every preference

  • Giraffe Crane

    This crane is modular and flexible. Fast and versatile, the Giraffe Classic Crane does not need any bracing.

    It is the best all terrain crane. The tapered sections nest inside each other, making it easily transportable, in light vans, Planes ad boats.

  • JIB

    It is a boom device with a camera on one end, and a counterweight and … or vertically, without the expense and safety issues of putting a camera operator on a crane for a craneshot or laying track for a camera dolly

    • Jimmy Jib Triangle 31ft. (9.1M) – Extreme
    • Jimmy Jib Triangle 30ft. (9.1M)
    • Travel Jib
  • Mini Jibs

    The Mini Jib arm’s use is very versatile. Heavy cameras can be operated very stable and sensitive. The weight balancing is accomplished via a crank fast and continuous. The length of the front arm is 83 cm/ 33 inch (from the column forward).

    The Jib arm is equipped with a horizontal and vertical handbrake. The horizontal pan radius is 360°. Optional attachments and adapters allow further height, depth and side positions.

    • Mini Jib Arm Camera Support
    • Meerkat Jib Camera Support
    • Egripment Mini Jib Complete With Offset & Boss Adaptation
  • Squirrel Dolly

    • Special bridge rails enables the Squirrel to carry the heaviest Fisher dollies, loaded with crew and accessories
    • It was designed to meet the cutting edge requirements of top end productions, for faster acceleration and more dynamic movement, with smoother long lens operation. The high tech wheel configuration and staggered geometry deliver every time

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