Welcome to the Kenya Grip & Sparks Lighting Company COVID-19 response resource hub.

Since stay-at-home orders went into effect, our team has been diligently working to ensure that our businesses remain strong and prepared to serve you in these times until we can all safely return to work. 

Kenya Film Commission has released guideline to basic Health & Safety awareness on film production set after the COVID-19 outbreak with the support from Ministry of ICT and the Ministry of Health.

We appreciate that assessment, flexibility and monitoring will be important over the next months and that ultimately we will follow the rules set out by the relevant Government Authorities and consult on the points below.


1. We will follow guidelines and protocols set out by the relevant Government bodies in light of the document issued by the Government.

2. Production can take place between 5.00am –6:30pm for 13 hours including set –up and wrap.

3. These guidelines stem from research with local production companies, local technical crew, as well as research available to us from the global film Community.

4. As an Industry we will insist on having the minimum number of cast and crew possible (with social distancing).

5. Social Distancing:Our work requires some departments to work very closely together. Production companies and technicians will document a safety method protocol taking into account the necessary precautions.

6. Each film production set will have a qualified medical practitioner on-set to check temperatures, and monitor social distancing, hand sanitizing and PPE protocols throughout the day.

7. Depending on the total number of people on set, Production to assign one or more Hygiene Officers to supervise sanitization and PPE for all non –technical crew and cast members.

8. Approved PPE will be worn by all crew and cast for the duration on the shooting day.

9. Hand sanitizer and hand-washing facilities will be made available to all crew and cast at all times.

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