Primo Zoom Lenses
The Primo Zoom Lens family combines high contrast and resolution, even field illumination, and negligible veiling glare, ghosting, and distortion. The overall performance of the Primo Zoom lenses enables seamless intercutting of shots from primes to zooms. The flexibility and excellent imaging performance of the Primo Zooms makes them suitable for both zoom shots and fixed focal length shots. Like all Primo® lenses, focus, T-stop, and zoom scales are engraved on both sides of the lens, and zero-backlash mechanics and large diameter scale rings allow precision focus pulling.
Low Ratio Primo Zooms

15-40mm Primo Zoom -- PZW

27-75mm Primo Zoom -- PZM

60-125mm Primo Zoom -- PNZT

Introduced in 2013, this set of Primo zooms incorporates the latest optical and mechanical design and fabrication techniques, such as aspheric surfaces and linear bearings. These three zooms cover a full range of focal lengths – with some overlap for flexibility – with performance equal to or surpassing most prime lenses. Lower ratios, modest apertures, and advanced aspheres provide superior imaging in a compact form factor. Multiple moving groups ensure consistent performance throughout the zoom and focus ranges and maintain constant aperture at all zoom and focus positions.

The 15-40mm and 27-75mm lenses offer well controlled breathing throughout the zoom range with close focus rated at 2 feet. Their light weight and compact size make them well suited for handheld or Steadicam work. The 60-125mm lens rounds out the longer end of the series, with close focuses to 3 ½ feet and a macro magnification ratio of 1:7.

17.5-75mm Primo 4:1 Zoom - SLZ

The 4:1 Primo Zoom is a T2.3 lens with a focal range of 17.5-75mm. Its speed makes it an ideal choice for low level, night cinematography. The lens maintains a constant aperture at all zoom and focus positions with continuous close focusing to macro 1:6 with a minimum distance of 2 feet. The SLZ delivers minimal breathing when focusing at short focal lengths. With the optional Primo 1.4x extender it becomes a 24.5-105mm, T3.2 lens with a 1:5 macro magnification and a close focus distance of 2 feet 10 inches.

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