Anamorphic Zooms - Front Anamorphic Zooms - AWZ2 and ATZ

With the introduction of the Anamorphic Wide-Angle Zoom (the AWZ2) and Anamorphic Telephoto Zoom (the ATZ), Panavision® sent a clear signal of commitment to the next generation of anamorphic technology. These lenses represent a new standard of high-performance, compact anamorphic optics.

Thanks to advanced computer-aided design, internal mechanical improvements, and modern optical glass, these lenses offer high contrast, sharp resolution, and minimized veiling glare, ghosting, distortion, and breathing. The front anamorphic lens design substantially reduces stop loss and delivers minimal aberrations and improved field illumination. The AWZ2 and ATZ also feature Panavision’s patented anti-mumping technology, but with a modified design that allows them to maintain a cylindrical profile.

The lenses have constant aperture at all zoom and focus positions, and constant focus at all zoom positions. Because of the high performance imaging, these zooms are fully functional as in-shot zooms or as a variable prime. The symmetrical housing prevents mechanical interference with camera viewing systems. The performance and size characteristics make these zoom lenses comparable to the E Series anamorphic primes.

Wide-Angle Zoom - AWZ2

Introduced in 2004, the Panavision AWZ2 is the first modern zoom lens to use anamorphic elements at the front of the lens. This is a T2.8, 40-80mm zoom with a close focus distance of 3¼ feet. The lens is 10½ inches long and weighs only 10.4 lbs. The industry often refers to the AWZ2 as the "Bailey zoom," after John Bailey, ASC, whose creative thirst for a superior wide-angle anamorphic zoom inspired Panavision's engineers to develop this groundbreaking technology.

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